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Noun1.air crew - the crew of an aircraftair crew - the crew of an aircraft    
crew - the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)
bomber aircrew, bomber crew - the crew of a bomber
aircrewman - a member of an aircrew
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Myself and the rest of Oman Air crew can't wait to get started.'
Boeing-747 cargo plane crashed into the Dachi SU village near the Manas international airport on 16 January 2017 killing 39 people: 35 on the ground and 4 air crew members-citizens of Turkey.
by Times News Service Oman Air crew finished the day third overall on the leaderboard, but happy to sign off having led all the way at the end.
The safety, protection and comfort of our passengers and employees are of utmost importance and Gulf Air crew are trained to handle such incidents as evidenced by the level of professionalism shown by both the pilots and cabin crew as well as all of our teams on the ground.
These Exercises not only play a vital role in honing the combat skills of PAF air crew but also enable them to learn the latest Air Power employment strategies in complex theatres of warfare.
"The flight was a bilateral patrol mission in airspace off of Luzon Island and allowed the US Navy air crew to demonstrate the P8A's capabilities in both the littoral and open ocean environment and the flight characteristics of the P8A in both high altitude reconnaissance missions and low altitude patrol regimes," the statement added.
MORE than 2,000 US military personnel paused yesterday at a memorial service to remember four US air crew members who died in a helicopter crash.
And they called for a strike vote after Sir Richard Branson dressed as a woman to publicise new air crew outfits by Vivienne Westwood.
While the number of air crew personnel required for a Growler squadron is less than what was needed to operate a Prowler squadron, the number of enlisted rates remains the same.
RAF Valley 22 Squadron flew a police air crew to hospital in Northern Ireland yesterday after their helicopter flipped upside down.
AWest Midlands Ambulance Service spokesperson said: "As the Air Ambulance was unable to find a location to safely land at the incident, the air crew waited at the nearest suitable landing site in a field opposite Nuneaton's George Eliot Hospital."
WHEEL SUPPORT: Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity director of fundraising Paul Gowland (left) with (from left) air crew paramedic Pete Vallance, DM Keith Ltd directors Dougal Keith and Angus Keith, air crew paramedic Pat Greaken and Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity development officer Nicky de Whytell (s)