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Noun1.air duct - a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)air duct - a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)
duct - an enclosed conduit for a fluid
register - an air passage (usually in the floor or a wall of a room) for admitting or excluding heated air from the room
schnorchel, schnorkel, snorkel breather, breather, snorkel - air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes; permits a submarine to stay submerged for extended periods of time
upcast - air passage consisting of a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mine
vent, venthole, vent-hole, blowhole - a hole for the escape of gas or air
ventilation shaft - a shaft in a building; serves as an air passage for ventilation
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We are witnessing a positive trend in the uptake of air duct cleaning services from both the commercial and residential sector.
With indoor air quality concerns and the increased need of Air duct cleaning, company started providing duct cleaning service in GTA region.
Recession Buster- $$ maker Air Duct & A/C firm For Sale.
The TSB investigation found that three hot air duct sections carrying air that is bled from the engines to heat the cabin, were melted, collapsed and perforated due to overheating.
Measurement and control equipment positioned downstream and close to an elbow fitting within the disturbed airflow region in an air duct can lead to inaccuracies introduced to the control system.
Coil the hose and store it inside the return air duct flange.
Forum member "mdnyrx" hears a banging noise from a large rectangular return air duct when the furnace shuts off.
This new blow molding grade of Arnitel ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) is particularly suited for blow molding of complex shaped air duct applications in the automotive industry for use at continuous use temperatures (CUT) of 130[degrees]C.
Air duct cleaning is an important part of home maintenance.
Due to only one air duct, the height of the DDF-V has a very compact design.
Sonata II is a piano-black, quiet computing case equipped with a chassis air duct for increased cooling of the latest CPUs and graphics cards.