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Noun1.air duct - a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)air duct - a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)
duct - an enclosed conduit for a fluid
register - an air passage (usually in the floor or a wall of a room) for admitting or excluding heated air from the room
schnorchel, schnorkel, snorkel breather, breather, snorkel - air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes; permits a submarine to stay submerged for extended periods of time
upcast - air passage consisting of a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mine
vent, venthole, vent-hole, blowhole - a hole for the escape of gas or air
ventilation shaft - a shaft in a building; serves as an air passage for ventilation
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If your MCPS doesn't have air duct openings, install the tent wall modification kit, NSN 4520-01-493-3215.
The award, named for the late Harvel Smith of Johns Manville, recognizes individual contributions in developing performance and energy efficiency standards for fiber glass air duct insulations, and promoting the use of fiber glass air handling insulations, in particular fiber glass duct board, to save energy and enhance the indoor environment.
Tenders are invited for Supply & Erection of Metallic Expansion joints for coal mill hot air duct, cold air duct, Secondary air duct, Economiser outlet duct,hot air common duct, APH inlet P.
These winds dirty carpets, clog air duct vents, and introduce parasitic pests into Las Vegas residents' homes.
Summary: With certified and experienced air duct technicians, United Air Care is able to provide Los Angeles residents with affordable and effective air duct cleaning services
Only one, a U-shaped air duct for a commercial truck with very sharp radii, uses the robotic manipulation capability on one MPC machine.
com)-- Air duct cleaning patrons prefer local service.
Studies have shown that indoor air quality is prone to being of inferior quality in comparison to outdoor air, often due to poorly maintained air duct systems.
United Air Care, a Los Angeles based company, provides professional air duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning services for residential units and businesses of all sizes.
Wahlco also manufactures immersion and air duct heaters plus thermocouple probes for custom applications.
II BM Unit IV & V Cleaning the scrap materials & ash accumulated over the FG duct above APH, hot secondary air duct from APH outlet to wind box, hot secondary interconnection duct, hot primary air ducts and APH area in Unit IV & V for the period from the date of handing over of site on or after 08.
With electrostatic air filters and air duct cleaning from United Air Care, the cleanliness of indoor air is enhanced dramatically