air flow

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Noun1.air flow - the flow of airair flow - the flow of air; "she adjusted the fan so that the airflow was directed right at her"
flow, flowing - the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
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Internal control combined supply and exhaust air devices for on-roof installation: 1 air intake and exhaust air unit 17,000 m / h, 1 air intake and exhaust air unit 15,000 m / h, 1 air intake and exhaust air unit 8,000 m / h, 1 piece supply and exhaust air unit air flow 6 500 m / h, 1 piece supply and exhaust air units air flow up to 2 400 m / h.
The regulator device regulates the inlet air flow to the air tube and the outlet air flow to the tire cavity.
Air flow is an extremely important part of providing our residents the comfort they expect.
An efficient air flow design with airfoil and bypass directs contaminates to baffled exhaust, thereby providing excellent air flow and containment performance for user protection.
Especially, WCTs operate based on direct interface between the hot water and coolant air flow which is caused by the water flow over the packing.
Influence of the air flow on the film brake-up process and relevant parameters has been studied theoretically in [9].
CFD simulations allow for visualization of the air flow structures in buildings, the ability to calculate both comfort and efficiency metrics, and estimate how changes in the air distribution system directly affect the HVAC system.
Among those, the analysis of changes in air flow (Keevallik and Soomere, 2008, 2009) and net wave-driven sediment transport (Viska and Soomere, 2012) have demonstrated their capacity to highlight several core changes.
The relative humidity of the atmosphere was maintained between 10 and 30% using a dry air flow.
In 2010, Yokohama Rubber established an aerodynamic simulation technique that enables simulation of air flow around tires under actual use conditions.
Comparison of different k-e models for indoor air flow computations.