air hole

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air hole

A hole or opening that allows for the passage of air, especially to facilitate breathing.

air hole



1. a hole that allows the passage of air, esp for ventilation
2. (Physical Geography) a section of open water in a frozen surface
3. (Aeronautics) a less common name for air pocket1

air′ hole`

1. an opening to admit or discharge air.
2. an opening in the frozen surface of a river or pond.
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Noun1.air hole - a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenlyair hole - a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly
atmospheric phenomenon - a physical phenomenon associated with the atmosphere
2.air hole - a hole that allows the passage of airair hole - a hole that allows the passage of air
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
References in classic literature ?
We every day pass through the air hole some bread at the end of a fork, and some meat when he asks for it; but alas
He carries with him everywhere a dirty little tin case, with air holes in the cover.
One could see the 250 air holes on the inner side of the tentacles.
According to the circular, no more than two cylinders can be installed in a Hiace wagon and they should be installed in the trunk of the vehicle in a separate box with an outer air hole.
Present research gives an extension to the optimization of secondary air hole placing, outlet shape, fuel area, secondary air area and the swirler angle which may further be taken as future prospects of present research.
The infiltration of air hole has been demonstrated by filling the air holes with liquid crystals [11, 12] or by various liquids such as polymers [13], water [14], and ethanol [15].
Therefore the greater the radius of the air hole is, the effective mode has more similar curve with the effective refractive index.
Oleg Nikolaevich went into a coma after being sunk in a 4-meter-deep air hole in the sand on the beach of Bulgarian town of Primorsko on August 14.
The last thing you want is a clogged vent or air hole and the climbing temperatures it creates.
Their only air hole is slowly freezing over so he broadcasts a news piece in the hope that the networks might pick up the story.
In this paper, we introduce a DC-PCF with two fiber cores separated by one air hole in the cross-section.
Each of the two pontoons had four airtight compartments, and he added an air hole and aluminum tube at the top of each.