air hose

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Noun1.air hose - a hose that carries air under pressureair hose - a hose that carries air under pressure
hosepipe, hose - a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas
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Limited tenders are invited for arc for hose assy steam 3/4in 50ft rbr dixon bos & air hose
You control two dozy extraterrestrial engineers whose spacesuits are linked by a single air hose.
If they're not already marked, it's a good idea to color-code the trailer air hose connectors and the truck's gladhand couplings now.
By using an air hose with water droplets, he can see the to do ca wa silhouette of the car and how it is reacting to the air rushing over it.
Additionally, USP and Super Anchor Safety have found that the MAX X-Line fall-arrest system can reduce job site tripping hazards, accomplished partly by incorporating a pneumatic air hose within the fall-arrest system's lifeline, so contractors can eliminate the dangerous pneumatic air hose in addition to a lifeline beneath their feet when they are working.
The 49-year-old, of South Shields, was injured when a compressed air hose whipped him in the face.
Specially engineered for water supply, pneumatic air hose and pressure washing as well as lubrication operations, the N700 Series hose reel has a narrow frame and compact mounting base for use in limited-space work environments.
As a bonus, the cooler includes a plug for the air hose hole--seal it up and you have a rugged icebox for drinks or other uses.
Cablofil supplied stainless steel 304L industrial grade steel wire tray in 600mm wide lengths which will be used to accommodate both cabling and the compressed air hose network required to operate the butter making machinery.
Namoco scolded the boy before shoving a 16 millimetre air hose up his behind and turning on the compressor valve.
1m) air hose, tool holder and quick connects fittings.
The chain is raised by the inflation of an air hose, directly controlled by the air valve.