air lock

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or air lock  (âr′lŏk′)
1. An airtight chamber, usually located between two regions of unequal pressure, in which air pressure can be regulated.
2. A bubble or pocket of air or vapor, as in a pipe, that stops the normal flow of fluid through the conducting part.

air′ lock`

1. an airtight chamber permitting passage to or from a space, as in a caisson, in which the air is kept under pressure.
2. an impedance in the functioning of a pump or a system of piping caused by the presence of an air bubble; vapor lock.
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Noun1.air lock - a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressureair lock - a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure
chamber - a natural or artificial enclosed space
bouchon de vapeur
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ONE SMALL STEP Tim Peake ready to leave the space station air lock
The applied bladder pressure will force a small amount of fluid into the bag, but then air lock.
He made it to the hatch, and he was even able to wait for the air lock to repressurize, so he didn't pass out when they removed his helmet.
With a MacBook Air Lock you retain all of your mobility, taking it with you wherever you go.
To prevent leakage it has been suggested inactivated vaccines be administered using the air lock technique, where the air bubble is not expelled from the syringe before injecting.
Everyone who had contact with him had to be decontaminated first before passing through an air lock, and cuddly toys that might harbour germs were banned.
If it's not just send them out the air lock to vacuum.
A spokeswoman for the company said a problem with the air lock prevented the doors opening.
The lower section is comprised of a small surge hopper that directs material into the throat of a variable speed rotary air lock feeder for volumetric or gravimetric metering into positive- or negative-pressure pneumatic conveyor lines.
A choice of a rotary air lock or a variety of hopper sizes are available for dust disposal.
No, gay spokesmen were too busy hectoring us about our promiscuous past or warning us to either abstain from sex altogether in the future or enter into a monogamous air lock.