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Noun1.air mail - mail that is sent by air transportair mail - mail that is sent by air transport  
mail - the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
surface mail - mail that is sent by land or sea
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Wardell Schoff has a collection of memorabilia commemorating the first air mail flight to arrive in St.
iCargo replaces a legacy software and nearly 35 disparate satellite systems with a single, unified, cloud based platform covering the entire spectrum of cargo business including sales, booking engine, pricing, capacity control, cargo operations, air mail and cargo revenue accounting.
Postal Service customers can drop off their taxes and extensions on April 15 at the Air Mail Finance Unit, 6500 Air Cargo Rd.
1936 - First rocket air mail flight, Greenwood Lake, NY 1940 - Walt Disney's animated movie Pinocchio released.
In 2017, China transported 7.06 million tonnes of air mail cargo, a 5.6% increase (year-over-year).
Vintcent shared his ideas with JRD Tata who has been known as aviation freak and eventually they started Tata Air Mail in 1932.
AN administrative probe is expected to shed light into serious security shortcomings and control failures at the Cyprus Post, uncovered last week when a 37-year-old employee was arrested and confessed that he stole some 220 sacks of incoming and outgoing air mail over an extended period of 18 months.
KUWAIT, July 16 (KUNA) -- 1933 -- The first air mail trip from Kuwait to Calcutta, India, was made.
Her husband had won nearly a quarter million dollars playing Slotland's Air Mail slot game.
In passing years air mail service was offered, and strikes of gold and uranium resulted in a steady traffic of aircraft into the North.