air piracy

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air piracy

The hijacking or wrongful seizure of an aircraft.

air pirate n.

air′ pi`racy

the hijacking of an airplane; skyjacking.
air′ pi`rate, n.
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Jabbari, who now is 51, was sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of air piracy by an Israeli court.
Without any evidence of a mechanical failure or pilot error, US investigators are treating the disappearance as a case of air piracy, though it remains unclear by whom, one person said.
In 1971 one of the most bizarre and fascinating cases of air piracy in American aviation history a and currently the (http://www.
Syria denounced the move as air piracy, while Russia said the cargo was radar parts that complied with international law.
Syria denounced the move as air piracy and Russia said the shipment of radar parts complied with international law.
However, air piracy may start in a state's airspace--for instance, on a runway.
He was warning the West that his downfall would mean turning Libya into a base for extremism, terrorism, immigration and air piracy," he said in his column Mar.
The 82 passengers and five crew aboard the twin-jet Boeing 737 were at the whim of terrorists whose fanaticism had rarely been matched in the grisly history of air piracy.
Title II of the Act makes several adjustments in federal death penalty law, which concern air piracy cases arising before 1994, a redundant procedural mechanism in federal capital drug cases, supervised release for terrorism offenses, and a transfer of the law governing the appointment of counsel in capital cases.
David was an information officer for the Federal Aviation Administration and while there he was asked to be part of a special task force to prevent air piracy.
The man was convicted of air piracy and hostage-taking.
But the story's concluding prediction unfortunately has not come true, "that if the American public gives us its full support, we can win a decisive victory in the war against air piracy.