air piracy

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air piracy

The hijacking or wrongful seizure of an aircraft.

air pirate n.

air′ pi`racy

the hijacking of an airplane; skyjacking.
air′ pi`rate, n.
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The game begins by focusing on young Dalmascan thiefVaan, before expanding into an epic quest which includes natty air pirate Balthier and a deposed princess.
Experts fear air pirates with flying knowledge hijacked the Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight and diverted it towards the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.
Zombie cowboys and opera divas, post-apocalyptic air pirates and Nobel prizes--all animate Galicia's toon rave this year.
Would Air Pirates have been as successful if he had not used names and characters that were already well-known and popular?
They have even considered the risk of air pirates attacking this week's Labour Party conference in Brighton.
A swashbuckling adventure set in the vast azure skies, "Skies of Arcadia Legends" casts gamers as Vyse, the heroic leader of a roaming band of Air Pirates on a perilous quest to recover the six sacred Moon Stones of Arcadia.
This is especially true of the magnificently entertaining "Porco," whose titular character is an ace WWI pilot-turned-bounty hunter with a human body and porcine face, tooling around the Adriatic on the lookout for air pirates.
Citing the First Amendment, the Air Pirates fought the law--and lost badly.
Boasting exquisite animation sequences and the first real-time fighting engine in an RPG for PlayStation, "The Granstream Saga" takes the genre to the next level, challenging players to collaborate with beautiful air pirates, consult wise sages and battle the diabolical minions of the Imperial Wizardry.
So after the Chronicle canned him, he rounded up a ragtag band of rogue cartoonists who called themselves the Air Pirates, after a group of evildoers who had bedeviled Mickey Mouse in the 1930s.
In 1971, for instance, Dan O'Neill got me a part in a comic book called Air Pirates Funnies.
Disney is notoriously jealous with its cartoon cast: In one of the most famous copyright cases of the '70s, it successfully halted sales of Air Pirates Funnies, a risque underground comic by Dan O'Neill featuring the Disney characters, even though the comic was clearly a Mad-style parody.