air shaft

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air shaft



(Mining & Quarrying) a shaft for ventilation, esp in a mine or tunnel

air′ shaft`

a ventilating shaft in a building.
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Noun1.air shaft - a shaft for ventilationair shaft - a shaft for ventilation    
shaft - a long vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for a mine or tunnel
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Tenders are invited for labour charges for laying and jointing of 150 mm dia gi pipe line from air shaft to shanthikhani filter bed at bellampalli in mandamarri area , mancherial dist, ts
The entrance is a 20-meter long tunnel and at the end of the entrance is an almost vertical air shaft of about 10 meters tall, according to Kuo.
Parsons Polygon, a terracotta obelisk concealing an air shaft for the Tyne and Wear Metro outside the Fenwick department store in Blackett Street, Newcastle.
Includes an integral splice table and unwind stand with 3-inch air shaft, pneumatic brake, automatic edge guide, and constant control of unwind tension.
The company added that the transaction includes coal reserves of about 40.0m tonnes in the West Kentucky Number 9 coal seam and the Onton Number 9 mine with an underground mining complex that operates three continuous mining units via room-and-pillar mining techniques at present, besides the ongoing construction of an air shaft that would allow the addition of a fourth unit for increased production if required.
TV footage showed smoke billowing from an air shaft at the mine in the rugged mountains near Atarau on South Island.
Material is placed on to the shaft of the motorised unwind stand, which can be a simple shaft with core adaptors or an air shaft which will secure the material to the roll.
The second blast destroyed the main air shaft and caused more injuries, and there is a risk of more explosions, Aman Tuleyev, the governor of the west Siberian region of Kemerovo, who is at the site, told reporters.
A manual roll unloader recently developed by Brampton Engineering Inc., Brampton, Ont., consists of a post anchored to the floor in front of the winder with a clamp to hold one end of the air shaft while the winders own hoist supports the roll's weight.
A spokesman for the fire service said the brick-built air shaft, which led to a disused mine, gave way outside the house in Hughes Road, Moxley.
Of course, the caved areas will have a considerably higher coefficient of friction than an open air shaft. The main mine fan would have to provide an extremely high static pressure capability to meet the ventilation requirements.