air strike

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or air strike  (âr′strīk′)
An air attack on a ground or naval target.

air′ strike`

or air′strike`,

the bombing or strafing of a city, enemy stronghold, etc., by military aircraft.

air strike

An attack on specific objectives by fighter, bomber, or attack aircraft on an offensive mission. May consist of several air organizations under a single command in the air.
References in classic literature ?
The night air strikes chill," said the lady, and turned down the road with her hand upon her lord's arm.
In Saada province, 15 civilians were killed and three injured in an air strike that targeted several taxies in the road of Aal-Amar of Safraa district.
On the same day an air strike on a farm in Attohayta district of Hodeidah governorate killed 14, and air strikes elsewhere killed a further 41 civilians and injured 43 over the past 10 days.
MAGUINDANAO, Philippines Four members of the Bangsa-moro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) were killed on Monday as the military launched another air strike on the suspected lair of the bandits.
KUNDUZ -- Taliban's Deputy Shadow Governor for Kunduz Mawlawi Nooruddin was killed on Monday along with three other insurgents in an air strike in Kunduz city, the Afghan media reported.
AN air strike targeting an Islamic State-run jail in eastern Syria has killed at least 42 prisoners, activists said.
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], June 15 (ANI): At least 43 Taliban insurgents have reportedly been killed in an Afghan Air Force air strike in Helmand province on Wednesday.
A statement by the cell "said that the Army Aviation directed an air strike in Al- Shura area resulted in the destruction of two car bombs and five nests of terrorists and killed those in them.
The air strike that killed 80 Syrian soldiers outside the eastern city of Deir Ezzur on Saturday was "inevitable given the stubborn refusal by the US to cooperate with Russia in combatting ISIL, al-Nusra Front (recently renamed as Fatah al-Sham Front ) and other affiliated terrorist groups," it states.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan is seeking clarification about a US drone strike against Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, the foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday, after US officials said Mansour was likely killed in an air strike on Pakistani soil.
THE US air strike that killed 22 people at a medical clinic in the city of Kunduz over the weekend was requested by Afghan forces, the top commander of US and coalition forces in Afghanistan said.
A Saudi air strike hit the headquarters shortly afterwards, residents said.