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Noun1.air traveler - someone who travels by airplaneair traveler - someone who travels by airplane  
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
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1, 2020, every domestic air traveler will need a compliant license or another acceptable form of ID.
FAISALABAD -- Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has claimed to seize Heroin capsules from an air traveler at Faisalabad Airport.
The expandable groove expands and retracts automatically to the thickness of the air traveler's device.
That is why planning well has been important for any air traveler and organized parking has been known to conserve about 25% of the parking costs.
Hudson noted, "This shows that when air traveler organizations unite and work together, a crazy and dangerous TSA policy like this knife policy, secretly lobbied for by the American Knife & Tool Institute and then promulgated in a surprise announcement by TSA Administrator John Pistole with no stakeholder input on March 5th, could be and was properly defeated.
Synopsis: The typical American air traveler is satisfied with the job the major airlines are doing, both on an overall basis and with a number of specific aspects of flying.
The best advice that could give to the average air traveler would be to monitor the media reports about Bird Flu and to be on the lookout for any reports of human to human transmission.
Ontario International Airport (ONT) has announced gains in passenger and cargo volumes have put the Inland Empire airport on pace to welcome more than 5 million air travelers this year, the company said.
The Manila International Airport Authority announced on Tuesday a hike on terminal fees charged to passengers, bringing terminal fees to P300 from P200 for domestic passengers and P750 from P550 to international air travelers.
The Eugene Airport last year set a sixth consecutive annual record for air travelers, climbing near the 1 million passenger mark.
Mohammad Ayyaz Jadoon briefed the ICCI delegation about the measures being taken for providing better services to the air travelers.