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Noun1.air traveller - someone who travels by airplaneair traveller - someone who travels by airplane  
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
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Pablo Reich, the company executive vice president, said 'Our airport products are designed to enhance the air traveller's experience with as many value added customer amenities as possible.
(2) state that the New Zealand Air Traveller's Thrombosis (NZATT) study has now reported that 'aspirin does not prevent travel-associated venous thrombosis'.
And when Canada's air traveller security charge went into effect December 2001, it was the highest in the world.
"Because we're a charter operating out of the north, end of Pearson, we're not bound by the formality of that main terminal," including the extensive security checks and the federal government's Air Traveller's Security Charge expected to kick in April 1, says Rapp.
Every air traveller knows it's not so funny having to spend more time travelling to an airport than you do in the air.
"Another reason why the holding of public hearings is a must is the recent imposition of fuel charges on Filipino air travellers. There are multiple taxes and fees embedded in a ticket, including travel tax," she also said.
New Delhi: Air travellers will to enter airports in the country with facial recognition biometric under the government's Digi Yatra initiative that aims at promoting paperless and hassle-free air travel.
Mohamed Idris expressed disappointment at the Malaysian Public Transport Users Association (4PAM) for questioning the continued need for Mavcom and the RM1 charge it collects from all air travellers.
'Number of air travellers has increased 40% in the last 5 years to 20 million people in Pakistan,' Standard Chartered Pakistan Chief Executive Officer Shahzad Dada said at the launch of the Emirates Standard Chartered Credit Card here on Monday.
The passenger service fee (PSF), paid by air travellers, is likely to go up marginally as the government is mulling increasing the security and facilitation charges.
'With a complete deployment of NDC standard into our distribution system air travellers will benefit from greater transparency and access to all our offerings when shopping via a travel agent or any of the online travel agencies.