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Adj.1.air-breathing - deriving oxygen from the airair-breathing - deriving oxygen from the air; "he studied respiration in marine air-breathing vertebrates"; "large air-breathing ichthyosaurs had hydrofoils"
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Automatic and involuntary as his heart-beating and air-breathing, was his defence of his meat once he had his paw on it, his teeth in it.
For instance, a swim-bladder has apparently been converted into an air-breathing lung.
There the air-breathing rykor would perish as you would perish.
This is the first time we will have flown an aircraft with an air-breathing engine at seven times the speed of sound.
The CRADA offers a framework to assess the performance, applications and development paths for REL s SABRE air-breathing rocket engine, a new class of aerospace engine designed for low cost, responsive space access and high speed atmospheric flight.
For the future, Crossfield said the aerospace community should be pursuing the development of an air-breathing craft capable of flying into orbit.
Planned for November 2013, MEADS will intercept TBM and air-breathing targets (ABT) attacking at more than 120 degrees to demonstrate capabilities not provided by sectored defenses.
Whales, dolphins and porpoises are air-breathing mammals collectively known as cetaceans.
SABRE stands for Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine, designed by British firm Reaction Engines.
His areas of expertise included both air-breathing and rocket propulsion, integrated controls, propulsion control systems and acoustics.
Tuna then push bait to surface for their air-breathing accomplices.
We believe the answer will ultimately be air-breathing vehicles.