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tr.v. air-dried, air-dry·ing, air-dries
To dry by exposure to the air.
Sufficiently dry so that further exposure to air does not yield more moisture to be evaporated.
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Adj.1.air-dried - made dry by contact with unheated airair-dried - made dry by contact with unheated air
dry - free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet; "dry land"; "dry clothes"; "a dry climate"; "dry splintery boards"; "a dry river bed"; "the paint is dry"
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<p style="margin: 0in; margin-bottom: .0001pt; vertical-align: top;">Ziwi (, the New Zealand-based innovator and global leader in air-dried pet nutrition, has received multiple pet industry awards for new products launched in 2018.
New equipments, like the Vameer BP714, the first compressed-earth-block machine, produces air-dried bricks from dirt that are 30% stronger than baked clay bricks.
by Times News ServiceIf you want to try something a little different, then air-dried, hung meat is an option worth exploring.
In this study, a series of triaxial compressive tests on four types of rocks are conducted under different confining pressure and moisture conditions (air-dried and wet).
Brothers Chris and Jonathan Rees and their families, who are the latest in five generations of the family to produce the traditionally air-dried ham, said they were "over the moon" to hear the news.
Researchers at Tufts University have stabilized blood samples for long periods of time without refrigeration and at high temperatures by encapsulating them in air-dried silk protein.
The first set consists of bamboo samples in green condition with an average moisture content of 65% and the second set consisting air-dried bamboo having a moisture content of 14%.
As we mentioned previously, UK scientists have developed probiotic baked cereal products-probiotic breads--using air-dried probiotic edible films.
At the end of the first six hours of drying, the moisture content of the solar-dried and air-dried mango slices is predicted to be approximately 1.44 g water per gram of dry solids (ca.
A photographer who worked for the Wales Screen Commission, he gave it all up in search of perfection - an air-dried ham that, he readily admits, may take a lifetime to achieve.
The adhesive was applied in 2 consecutive layers, gently agitated for 15 s, and gently air-dried for 10 s using compressed air.