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The comedian will host The Time It Takes, which challenges contestants to answer questions in the time needed to complete tasks such as unwrapping every Werther's Original in a family pack, or deflating an airbed and putting it back in its box.
Was PS14, Now PS7 SAVE: PS7 Eurohike flocked deluxe single airbed with pump,
WINDCATCHER AIRPAD 2+ PS79.99, THIS airbed by Windcatcher truly takes the faff and pressure off your lungs.
Only an airbed is supplied so tenants might end up with some bruises.
Sleep on an airbed in one of 35 carpeted bell tents in a riverside woodland grove, from PS150 per night for a family of four between July 20 and September 1.
138.8287 6.0507 2.0603 11.8240 10.4600 1.5302 The accommodation on his website ranges from pounds 15 for one night on an airbed on the floor of a Mayfair lounge, to pounds 250 for a penthouse sleeping six near Waterloo Station.
The Conservative has instead used his expenses to buy a pounds 60 airbed and pounds 15 duvet.
On the way to his set at Time Flies at Fagin's in Rhondda Valley on Sunday night, he told us: "I packed a tent, two sleeping bags, an airbed and a boot full of loo roll."
Meanwhile, fire fighters who had rushed to the scene spread an airbed on the ground floor to break their fall, while police experts attempted to negotiate with her and coax her to let go of the nurse.
IT HADN'T been a good start to the day; the airbed had become soft in the night.