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Explosion of a bomb or shell in the atmosphere.


(Military) the explosion of a bomb, shell, etc, in the air



the explosion of a bomb or shell in midair.


An explosion of a bomb or projectile above the surface as distinguished from an explosion on contact with the surface or after penetration. See also types of burst.
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Noun1.airburst - an explosion in the atmosphere
blowup, detonation, explosion - a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction
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They used mortar and airburst shells, apart from small arms,' he said.
Each airburst shell spreads 116 burning white phosphorus wedges in a radius extending up to 125m from the blast point.
The following evening, the same camera recorded, in sequence, 11 projectiles in flight from west to east, a projectile from east to west, three projectiles from west to east, an airburst, two projectiles from west to east, a projectile from east to west, two projectiles from west to east, a projectile from east to west, and six undetermined explosions, all 5-8km north.
The DM11 high explosive round offers a particularly valuable capability as it can perform point detonation, delayed detonation or airburst to a maximum range of five kilometres (3.
The new High Explosive --Dual Purpose (HEDP) rounds feature precision airburst settings that allow the gunner to take out targets even when hiding behind cover.
Armour-piercing and training rounds are already qualified for military service, while an airburst round for use against ground targets and a point-detonating round that can penetrate thick concrete are completing qualification.
Weapons such as the XM25 individual semiautomatic airburst system allow Soldiers to engage targets hiding behind walls and in buildings and are ideal for unconventional warfare.
Suddenly there was a loud series of cracks, louder and much closer than the grenades: airburst mortar bombs.
net: "We could see an airburst, maybe broken windows, depending on where it hits.
Chalyabinsk Airburst Damage Assessment, Meteorite Recovery, and Characterization," Science, 342, no.
Harker of Buckley's 310th Force Support Squadron at Fort Carson's Airburst Range in Pueblo, Colorado.
3) There was virtually no fallout as the bomb was airburst.