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(Aeronautics) trademark a commercial aircraft manufactured and marketed by an international consortium of aerospace companies


or air′ bus`,

a short-range or medium-range commercial passenger airplane, esp. one that is part of a frequent shuttlelike service between two popular destinations.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distancesairbus - a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distances
airliner - a commercial airplane that carries passengers


A. Naerobús m
B. CPD airbus service Npuente m aéreo


[ˈɛərbʌs] nairbus mair-con [ˈɛərkɒn] n (=air conditioning) → clim f air conditioned air-conditioned [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃənd] (British) adj [room, office, car, coach, train, building] → climatisé(e)air conditioner air-conditioner [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃər] (British) nclimatiseur mair conditioning air-conditioning [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃənɪŋ] (British) nclimatisation fair-cooled [ˈɛərkuːld] adjà refroidissement par air


[ˈɛəˌbʌs] naerobus m inv, airbus m inv
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"I am excited about this new chapter at Airbus. We are in a great position to transform how we conduct our day- today operations and deliver world class products and services for our defense and homeland security customers," Emerson said.
This milestone delivery of a Canadian-made Airbus aircraft to a US-based airline highlights the growing presence of Airbus in North America.
TAP will be the first to benefit from the aircraft's operating economics, increased range, and Airbus' new airspace cabin offering passengers the best-in-class comfort.
"Airbus has developed important relationships with AZERICOSMOS.
The aircraft are fully optimized for the 100 to 150 seat market and perfectly complement Airbus' existing best-selling A320neo family.
"The A220 now enters a new phase in its career with all Airbus' resources behind it to further its commercial success worldwide," he said.
Hyderabad [India], Mar 8 ( ANI ): Neewee and EFLIGHT, two start-ups accelerated at Airbus Bizlab India on Thursday signed their first contracts with Airbus and subsidiary NAVBLUE to bring to life their unique innovative ideas in aerospace that are in line with the Indian government's 'Make in India' and 'Startup India' initiatives.
The facility will come up in the National Capital Region (NCR) and would be in line with Skill India initiative of the Indian Government, said Srinivasan Dwarakanath, President of Airbus Division, India.
Tom Williams (62), previously Executive Vice President Programmes at Airbus, has succeeded Gunter Butschek (54) as Airbus Chief Operating Officer (COO) and has become a member of the Group Executive Committee of Airbus Group.
Airbus makes comfort a priority aboard A350 XWB Airbus offered a sneak peek at the passenger cabins aboard its A350 XWB.
A full scale A350 XWB cockpit, as well as an interactive A350 XWB model, will be on the expo at the Airbus stand (J23), together with models of Airbus' market-leading wide-body product line and the successful A320neo.