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Demand from Asian low-cost carriers for single-aisle jets such as the A320 and Boeing's 737 has been the driving force behind two very strong years in global aircraft demand.
To help decide what class of aircraft the company should buy, CPAs should develop a travel profile including the number of passengers, average trip length and amount of baggage.
The Navy's Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program Office (PMA272) was established to do just that.
Statistics help account for why everyone involved in the business aircraft industry--from the manufacturers to high-flying business people--are so upbeat these days.
First, the good news: qualified aircraft may remain eligible for bonus depreciation if placed in service before 20116.
The number of aircraft to be produced dropped from 63 planes to 51 for the Air Force and two for the Navy.
After solving the problems of propulsion and lift, the control of an aircraft was the third and possibly greatest challenge the Wright Brothers faced in conquering the air (Figure 1).
Now, at the centennial of powered human flight, the original technique for controlling aircraft is in the midst of a revival.
Since I had just returned from an overseas tour, I was retained in the training command and given additional duties as aircraft maintenance officer.
Navy, and works hand-in-hand with the integrated product teams (IPTs) of the Program Executive Office, Tactical Aircraft Programs (PMA265).
Much of the public's attention is devoted to such major aircraft accidents as Valujet's Flight 592, which crashed into the Florida Everglades on May 11, 1996, killing 110 passengers and crew.
In 1988 the Forest Service, needing to update an aging firefighting airtanker fleet experiencing structural failures and some fatal crashes, used the little-known Historical Aircraft Exchange Program to move newer, "government excess" C-30A Hercules and P-3A Orion turboprop aircraft from the military into the hands of its private-contractor airtanker fleet.