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Noun1.aircraftsman - a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force
enlisted officer, noncom, noncommissioned officer - a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel
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Base Commander Trophy for the Best in General Service Training was awarded to Aircraftsman Wg Sgt Abdullah Hafeez.
MEMORIES of a popular Middlesbrough aircraftsman continue to inspire his pals to go the extra mile in his honour.
AYE, SIR Captain Kyd with Leading Aircraftsman Thomas Hardcastle and Leading Physical Trainer Michelle Mattison.
Mike, 34, is a pilot with the crack display team, while 31-year-old Sam is a senior aircraftsman with the Red Arrows, flying in the back seat of the team's high-speed Hawk Jets.
The aircraftsman (who happens to be black and raises concerns with the girl about issues in America where mixed race marriages are problematic) has some superficial adventures involving a bar brawl, but it is a thinly-spread fragment of dramatic action and quickly evaporates, skimming superficially over what was a huge social problem.
ON June 6 1944, Jack went ashore on Sword beach as a leading aircraftsman with Combined Operations.
Solo performance of the evening came from Senior Aircraftsman Lewis Musson, BBC Young Brass Soloist of the Year in 2011.
In the Second World War leading aircraftsman and right-half Bob Gordon died on September 18, 1940 and able seaman Tom Carter, a reserve team player, died in April 1943.
Leading Aircraftsman Ronald Maddison, 20, died in 1953 shortly after being used in tests on the deadly nerve agent sarin.
The RAF Senior Aircraftsman then told others on a firearms website he had 25 sub-machine guns to sell.
Alongside radio crew from all three services, Leading Aircraftsman Albert manned the operations room in four-hourly shifts until June 29 when the Bulolo was recalled to Southampton.
Left to right Master Signaller Joe Williams, Flt Lt Bill Parsons and pilot Flt Lt Pip Smith Crowds throng the runways at an open day at RAF Valley in August 1985 The planes at RAF Valley are Hawks but it takes senior aircraftsman M Hanks of Caernarfon to scare birds from the runway with a pistol.

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