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Noun1.aircrewman - a member of an aircrewaircrewman - a member of an aircrew    
air crew, aircrew - the crew of an aircraft
bombardier - the member of a bomber crew responsible for using the bombsight and releasing the bombs on the target
crew member, crewman - a member of a flight crew
flight engineer - the flight crewman responsible for mechanical operation while in flight
navigator - the member of an aircrew who is responsible for the aircraft's course
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The MH-60S Seahawk is primarily used for search and rescue operations and logistics, said Naval Aircrewman (Helicopter) 2nd Class Nicholas Glass, HSC-22 door gunner.
I looked across at the aircrewman and smiled, receiving a warm grin back.
Caption: A naval aircrewman (Helicopter) assigned to HSC-28 reassures a family after a rescue at Pine Forrest Elementary School, a shelter that required evacuation after flood waters from Hurricane Harvey reached its grounds.
I elected to have the copilot fly the approach, while the aircrewman slewed the forward looking infrared (FLIR), in search of the carrier.
Team members Squadron Leader Anne Pearson, Flight Lieutenant Will Collins, Master Aircrewman Simon Allen and Senior Aircraftswoman Hollie Renwick beat RAF Waddington by a very close margin.
Liam, who is currently an Aircrewman trainee on the new Merlin Mk2 helicopter with Culdrose's 824 Naval Air Squadron, PS10 per mile, for his two chosen charities.
But the helicopter is low on fuel and the royal flies off to refuel leaving behind winchman/paramedic Master Aircrewman Richard Taylor to look after the 15-year-old.
However, the helicopter is low on fuel and the royal flies off to refuel, leaving behind winchman and paramedic Master Aircrewman Richard Taylor to look after the 15-year-old.
Master Aircrewman Richard Taylor was part of a four-man team who helped in a rescue from a Russian seawreck off the coast of North Wales in which six died.
A couple of months into the new year, during a routine preflight inspection, an aircrewman found what looked like a mesh screen near the flight engineer's station on the flight deck.
The RAF Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter crew were Flight Lieutenant Bunn (captain), Flight Lieutenant Wales (co-pilot), Sergeant "Livvy" Livingstone (radar/winch operator) and Master Aircrewman Rich Taylor (winchman/paramedic).