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1. A system of transporting freight by air.
2. The amount charged for transporting freight by air.

air′freight′ v.



1. a system of transporting freight by aircraft.
2. the charge for such transportation.
3. to send or ship by air freight.
4. to ship cargo by air freight.
Also, air′-freight` (for defs. 2,3).
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Verb1.airfreight - transport (cargo) by air
freight - transport commercially as cargo
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only key materials and required products will be airfreighted. Planners are putting place reviews of requirements as well as restrictions on when airfreight is used in order to optimize the dollar earned.
Financing: The speed of airfreighted consignments also works to the importer's benefit in the financing of the goods.
(Even some bulky goods are airfreighted - for instance cement has been carried by air to Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, and bricks to Lebanon.)