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A low- or middle-latitude, more or less steady, faint photochemical luminescence visible in the upper atmosphere at night.


(Physical Geography) the faint light from the upper atmosphere in the night sky, esp in low latitudes



a dim light, usu. visible at night, that results from ionic radiation in the upper atmosphere.
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ARISE2 capitalizes upon the work of the EU-funded first ARISE project combining for the first time international networks with complementary technologies such as infrasound, lidar and airglow.
Utah State University, Logan, Utah, and University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, Maryland - Measurements of Red Line Airglow (RLAGS)
While Earth imaging has been the main focus of the research on CubeSat imaging systems [8-15], other applications, such as star tracking [12,16-19], horizon tracking [12,16], attitude calibration [20], proximity monitoring [8,17,21-23], heliospheric imaging [24], and airglow observations [25,26] have also been presented.
The guests of honour on this occasion included Lord Rayleigh (Robert Strutt, the fourth Baron Rayleigh) who was the first person to differentiate between the two types of natural light from the night sky, namely the aurora and the airglow.
Cassini scientists have already seen an airglow from Titan's nitrogen molecules caused by X-rays and ultraviolet radiation from the Sun when Titan was illuminated by the Sun.
The Ainglow building housed both the Airglow experiment, measuring the atmospheric glow as well as the photographic recording equipment of a seismograph, run by the South African Geological Survey.
A thin yellow-brown band tracing the Earth's curvature at image top is airglow, a faint band of light emission that results from the interaction of atmospheric atoms and molecules with solar radiation at approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) altitude.
Among some fifty unadapted transfers from English found in the Devoto-Oli dictionary in the entries under A we find contemporary terms such as abstract, acid music, acting out, after hours, airbus, all inclusive, all right, anchor man, antidumping, antismog, anti-spam, appeasement, area manager, attachment, auditing, autofocus, as well as terms absent from the latest Zingarelli edition (Zingarelli 2009) such as access provider, add-on, adware, afro rock, airglow, american bar, anchor woman, anti-age, audiweb, avenue.
6 to reduce airglow, which is still present even at La Palma where this image has been taken on a dark observatory site.
Airglow is an atmospheric phenomenon in which photons from the sun excite air molecules, which eventually emit light at several specific wavelengths.
10 Kyodo A small rocket for observing the night sky's radiation, known as airglow, was launched from an Institute of Space and Astronautical Science facility in Uchinoura, Kagoshima Prefecture at 5:50 a.
For instance, while several decades of data collected by the Fly's Eye experiments and a similar airglow study at the Akeno (Japan) Cosmic Ray Observatory suggest X-3 may emit [10.