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Being or relating to troops that are moved by aircraft, especially helicopters, to engage in battle or secure an area: an airmobile infantry regiment.
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(Military) military US capable of being moved by air, esp by helicopter
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(ˈɛərˌmoʊ bəl, -bil; esp. Brit. -baɪl)

transportable or transported to combat areas by helicopters.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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Historically, elements such as special forces, light infantry, airborne, airmobile, terrorist, guerrilla, and irregular units have successfully employed unconventional warfare tactics to harass personnel and destroy vital resources." (11) The word unconventional implies that adversaries will not likely charge headlong into a perimeter of infrared sensors, military working dogs, and manned fighting positions but will seek to disrupt Air Force operations by employing tactics that avoid formidable defenses.
In parallel, the Army is also working to field new vehicles with its main combat units, represented, according to the latest plans, by 11 brigades, including three heavy units (one armored and two mechanized brigades), four medium and three light (two mountain and one parachute brigades) units, and a single airmobile brigade.
Soon I was a first lieutenant en route to the 101st Airmobile Division in Vietnam.
101st Abn Div, 187th Inf, 1st Bn (Airmobile), Co D (Phong Dien Dist., Sept 3, 1970)--Seeking anyone who can verify SSG Robert Westbrook falling on grenade during firelight, esp Sgts Robert Dresch, Norman Wright, Jr., Charles Hoffman and Sp4 Gary Reid--Lee F.
There, he participated in both airmobile and river ine combat operations.
"We are ready to conduct sustained land combat operations as determined by the secretary of defence and the president, "We are ready to deliver it across the whole array of force structure - heavy, light, airmobile, airborne, special operations.
As part of this reorganization, the Leopard II tanks were to be upgraded, new light vehicles purchased for the airmobile units and a dock landing ship able to carry a full battalion of Dutch marines and their equipment was launched.
It was also claimed the ambush was carried out by members of the 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry based in the barracks next door to the Royal Scots while both were part of the elite 24 Airmobile Brigade stationed in Colchester, Essex.
Typically these missions are assigned to light brigades, parachute or airmobile units that deploy swiftly over long distances in a short period of time.
an airmobile force (with organic close combat aviation support) that could identify IEDs from the air and then quickly react to secure the site and destroy the device.
. D CO., 2ND BATTALION, 8TH CAVALRY (ABN), 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION (AIRMOBILE) 1965-72 - June 20-24, 2012, Denver, Colorado, Contact: Robin Woo, (916) 488-9354, Email:, Website: www.Bngrysk'