airplane mechanics

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Noun1.airplane mechanics - the craft of building and repairing airplanesairplane mechanics - the craft of building and repairing airplanes
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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- Additional Certification programs like: Teacher Education, Pharmacy Technician, Airplane Mechanics, Aesthetician and such other trainings.
A four-year high school aviation curriculum was eventually created that included airplane mechanics, airplane engine mechanics, aerodynamics, navigation, radio theory and other related subjects.
But how do airplane mechanics know what needs inspecting or maintaining, especially when not every issue is visible from the surface?
Navy in World War II and became an instructor in airplane mechanics. His career after the war was in the building materials industry, including 20 years as Regional Manager of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Dealers Association.
Airplane mechanics could print a replacement part on the runway.
But the ensuing errors can be disastrous for professionals such as airplane mechanics and emergency room doctors, said Erik Altmann, lead researcher on the study.
Most of the airplane mechanics jobs had been filled for years, but now those mechanics are preparing to retire, he said.
Traditionally known for turning out airplane mechanics, the school recently expanded offerings in its power technology school.