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Noun1.airplane pilot - someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flightairplane pilot - someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
aeronaut, airman, aviator, flier, flyer - someone who operates an aircraft
stunt flier, stunt pilot, barnstormer - a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting
senior pilot, captain - the pilot in charge of an airship
combat pilot - airplane pilot who fights in an action between two military forces
copilot, co-pilot - a relief pilot on an airplane
kamikaze - a pilot trained and willing to cause a suicidal crash
test pilot - a pilot hired to fly experimental airplanes through maneuvers designed to test them
wingman - the pilot who positions his aircraft outside and behind (on the wing of) the leader of a flying formation
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But Camacho-Ruiz credits her recent achievement -- becoming an airplane pilot -- for giving her a renewed appreciation of life.
There shouldn't be anything new here for an airplane pilot who has earned at least a private certificate.
But the kindly airplane pilot found him there, and said: "I could use someone with flying experience." From then on Scarecrow happily sat on a bale of straw, holding a sign saying "See the flying circles: Airplane Rides!" The lovely, autumn dark tinged oil paintings are the perfect pairing to the feisty Scarecrow spirit who dared to dream of flying.
An Australian airplane pilot could have been in for a rude awakening after he overshot his destination by around 30 miles.
Windells Academy, the famed action sports boarding school, and Hillsboro Aero Academy (HAA), the largest combined helicopter and airplane pilot training school in the US, have partnered to create the nation's first high school boarding program in which students can earn their professional pilot certifications while at the same time working toward their high school diploma, the company said.
In her spare time she enjoys riding horses and is a student airplane pilot.
An airplane pilot said he noticed the cloud of ash after the eruption reaching a height of 9750 meters.
Cyrier, a licensed airplane pilot, said he had hunted hogs from helicopters on more than 10 occasions.
Peres once told me that engaging in peace talks is like being an airplane pilot. The pilot's mother wants him to fly low and slow, but that's a recipe for disaster.
I'm not an airplane pilot who goes through a checklist before he can safely take off.