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n. Chiefly British
An airplane propeller.


(Aeronautics) Brit an aircraft propeller



n. Brit.
an airplane propeller.
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Noun1.airscrew - a propeller that rotates to push against airairscrew - a propeller that rotates to push against air
propeller, propellor - a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water
propeller plane - an airplane that is driven by a propeller


[ˈɛəskruː] N (Brit) → hélice f de avión
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That Watkinson is English is apparent in his use of terms such as airscrew versus propeller and his occasional examples of dry humor, but this simply adds character without detracting from the subject matter There are diagrams, illustrations, and photos aplenty that clearly present visual depictions of the concepts covered.
First they seemed just a cloud of light as the sun caught the many glistening chromium parts of their engines, their windshields, and the spin of their airscrew discs.
The results are presented for two different rotors, namely, the Master Airscrew Electric 11x7 and the T-motor 18x6.1.
It can be fed at maximum 12.6 volts and 20 amperes and its dimensions are 27 by 23 mm, with an engine axis of 5 mm to insert the airscrew. The used controller (Afro 30) is optocoupled with the control signal and it receives the PWM signal delivered by the control unit at 1 kHz.
Specifications of the engine and the propeller Engine Type Two-stroke glow plug based compression ignition engine Make OS MAX, Japan Number of cylinders One Bore/Stroke 22/19.6 mm Displacement volume 7.45 [cm.sup.3] Scavenging method Schnuerle Rated power 1.2 kW@ 16,000 rpm Propeller Type/Make Windsor propeller/ Master airscrew Diameter 254 mm Pitch 152.4 mm Engine speed [+ or -] 0.22% Torque [+ or -] 3.8% Thrust [+ or -] 1.8% Air flow rate [+ or -] 6% Fuel flow rate [+ or -] 1.75% Equivalence ratio [+ or -] 6.25% Table 3.
Owners of two-blade props can upgrade to the three-blade airscrew from Hartzell at (
In addition, An-2-100 has a reverse AV-17 airscrew instead of an AV-2 airscrew.
To complete the design, a statue of Canadian VC recipient Squadron Leader Ian Bazalgette will be added, to stand adjacent to a bent Halifax airscrew. Additional funding for the stat lie is needed, and tax-deductible donations (annotated "Service Fund RAF Leeming") may be sent to the Royal Canadian Air Force Trust Fund, P.O.
In the book Boxkite to Jet Douglas Taylor quotes the British Under-Secretary of State for Air as saying in 1934: "Scientific investigation into the possibilities of jet propulsion has given no indication that this method can be a serious competitor to the airscrew engine combination."
"A company called Jicwood, later Airscrew Jicwood, went into production there making doors for Lancaster bombers, among other things.