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Emre Ersen, a Syria analyst at Marmara University in Istanbul, said a transfer of airspace control would mean that Ankara and Moscow are determined to implement their latest agreement regarding Idlib.
It serves as the hub of the Marine Corps Tactical Air Operations Center, which is the principal airspace control and management agency for the Marines.
There are also logical concerns about safety and airspace control. It is essential to create and enforce standards for UAVs and expanded capability of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to manage the airspace.
The Hawk was observed on radar on several occasions causing an airspace infringement while transiting through the airspace control areas, the report said.
The rapidly deteriorating situation was compounded when the 727th Expeditionary Air Control Squadron (Kingpin) lost communication with tactical military aircraft working active airspace control measures supporting the Operation Iraqi Freedom mission.
"Until now no piece of the aircraft has been found," Brigadier Ramon Borges Cardoso, Director of Airspace Control for the Brazilian Air force, told journalists.
said its Europe-based air traffic control systems subsidiary, Park Air Systems, has been awarded a contract by the Brazilian Airspace Control System Implementation Commission to supply and install extended-range communication stations at multiple locations across Southern Brazil.
It coordinates procedures for input into the airspace control plan and airspace control order and ensures proper inputs to the air tasking order but typically does not positively control day-to-day Army aviation operations.
In addition, if Coventry gets airspace control, pilots will be asked to fly long, low approaches and take-offs, just so that Coventry Airport doesn't have to communicate with Birmingham.
Airspace control has become a big issue in Iraq, where the Defense Department is reportedly flying some 1,500 unmanned aircraft in addition to hundreds of smaller hand-launched drones.
The TAIS interfaces with joint, combined, civil, and military airspace control agencies and their airspace management systems.
Increased sharing of intelligence is equally essential: this may involve joint sea and airspace control operations.