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tr.v. re·mod·eled, re·mod·el·ing, re·mod·els also re·mod·elled or re·mod·el·ling
1. To make over in structure or style; reconstruct.
2. Physiology To maintain (bone tissue) in dynamic equilibrium through the resorption and deposition of bone at a given site.

re·mod′el·er n.


n. restauración.


n remodelación f; bone — remodelación ósea; cardiac — remodelación cardíaca
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These changes in airway structure result from chronic inflammation and airway remodeling (Woolcock and Permutt 2011).
Extensive study of inflammatory conditions in the lung has led us to discover small molecule therapeutics that may be capable of disrupting the inflammatory cascade, restoring lung tissue functionality and, in cases of severe disease, preventing airway remodeling resulting in additional tissue damage," said Donald G.
His worked focused on neurogenic inflammation and airway remodeling.
The study is the latest effort by researchers to better understand the processes that are involved in airway remodeling that can cause breathing difficulties in patients with asthma.
Aside from airway remodeling and the associated risk of developing bronchogenic carcinoma, chronic bronchitis patients experience airway inflammation and retention of mucus both of which cause partial and complete airway obstructions.
Various methods have been used to try to quantify either airway remodeling, in general, or changes in the various components of the airway wall, with a view to understanding the morphologic features that correlate with airflow obstruction.
Those patients are at risk for airway remodeling, with structural changes that can include angiogenesis, thickening of the basement membrane, alterations in cartilage, and increase in smooth muscle.
Background & objectives: Despite the established pro-inflammatory actions of platelet activating factor (PAF) observed on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), its action on airway remodeling has been still unclear.
Early introduction of inhaled corticosteroids may preserve lung function through the inhibition of airway remodeling, which may be the cause of chronic airflow obstruction that occurs in some individuals with chronic asthma (12).
It is hypothesized that proinflammatory adipokines produced by adipose tissue may contribute to airway remodeling in obese persons (Margretardottir et al.
The proliferation is a part of process called airway remodeling, which occurs in many people with asthma, and leads to reduced lung function over time.
Airway remodeling involves permanent alterations of the architecture of the airways.

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