n.1.of or pertaining to objects which are pierced or decorated with an openwork pattern.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Belal Ajour, a citizen, told The Jordan Times that he could find five copies of the same brand of tobacco that tasted differently and looked almost the same.
Number offamous fashion brands including Alex Chzhen, Mak Mari, Yerlan Zholdasbek, Jemma Aleksander, Di Siitova, Fakhriya Khalafova, Forte Fashion, Ajour, and Kengerli showcase their latest collections.
ASTO Telematics will develop the basis of the tried and tested "aJour Compact" product within the joint venture company ZhongHong to the requirements of a dry container with regard to logistics processes as well as container and transport insurance.
Representatives Council member Mohammed Marefi opened Al-Jawza Medical Centre in the presence of Health Ministry representative Consultant Wafa Ajour and senior officials.
Al Ajour for Haj and Umrah provide the extended package for Dh32,500 for a four-person sharing room, and 38,000 for a private room for two people, while they have the express Haj package for Emiratis at Dh27,500.
"He was being really flirty with her," said Samira Ajour. "He kept touching her shoulder and placing his hands on hers.
Ajour, (2) Khaled Daqrouq, (2) and Abdullah Balamash (2)
The new members are Isam Khreisat, Saleh Injadat, Maan Abu Ajour, Muhannad Harareh and Sharhabil Madi.
Heiban County SPLM chairperson, Younan Albarut Ajour, said Khartoum had shut down the Norwegian Church Aid/government mobile network in Nuba Mountains on 2 July "in order not to allow the world to know what is going on in the region." On 5 June fighting broke out between SAF and SPLA troops in the tumultuous South Kordofan region.
Zekra Ajour from the Al Dameer Association for Human Rights told the channel that Gaza had been a testing ground for illegal weapons.