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Variant of ad-..
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var. of ad- before l: allure.


a suffix with the general sense “of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form or character of” that named by the stem, occurring in loanwords from Latin (autumnal; natural; pastoral), and productive in English on the Latin model, usu. with bases of Latin origin (accidental; seasonal; tribal). Compare -ical, -ar 1, -ial.
[< Latin -ālis, -āle]


a suffix forming nouns from verbs, usu. verbs of French or Latin origin: denial; refusal.
[< Latin -āle (singular), -ālia (pl.), nominalized neuter of -ālis -al1; often replacing Middle English -aille < Old French < Latin -ālia]


a suffix used in the names of chemical compounds that contain an aldehyde group: acetal; furfural.
[probably extracted from chloral]


1. Alabama.
2. Anglo-Latin.


Chem. Symbol.



1. other things.
[< Latin alia]
2. other persons.
[< Latin aliī]


1. American League.
2. American Legion.
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At Halliford I had al- ready come to hate the curate's trick of helpless exclamation, his stupid rigidity of mind.
That night, as we lurked in the scullery, balanced between our horror and the terrible fascination this peeping had, al- though I felt an urgent need of action I tried in vain to conceive some plan of escape; but afterwards, during the second day, I was able to consider our position with great clearness.
Al- most instantly they were shut utterly from the youth's sight by the smoke from the energetic rifles of his companions.
He had always thought of himself as a successful man, al- though nothing he had ever done had turned out successfully.
Al- though for years she had hated her husband, her hatred had always before been a quite impersonal thing.
Having said that, we know that to establish the proposition of Apollonius rigorously one needed to make use of concepts and techniques which al- Sijzi as a mathematician had not yet possessed: these are the concepts and the means for the analysis.
The bedouin chieftain Zahir al-'Umar, who eventually carved out the equivalent of a fiefdom in northern Palestine, had gone to Damascus briefly as a youth and received some instruction there.
Muscat , Oct 16 (ONA) Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al- Busaidi , Interior Minister expressed deep thanks , gratitude and loyalty to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the royal care and wise guidance which gave the Omani citizen full participation in Majlis A'Shura 7th terms elections in all wilayats of the Sultanate.
The emergence of so-called scientific exegesis of the Qur'an, al-tafsir al-'ilm, with the aim of finding a place for modern science in the Qur'an in order to encourage Muslims to acquire it, further supported this process.
Establishment of al-Da'wa was a clear reflection of the 'ulama's fears vis-a-vis the rising tide of Communism and other secular developments in Iraq -- fear against isolating umma from Islam, as Murtada al-'Askari describes, [5] -- especially in the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala.
When Greek texts were translated into Arabic, the science of meteorology was one of the first to evolve as a distinct discipline and was known as 'ilm al-athar al-'ulwiyya, the science of the upper phenomena.