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The name applied to the portions of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish control between the years 711 and 1492, especially the region corresponding roughly with present-day Andalusia in southern Spain. During the period of Moorish rule, al-Andalus experienced a cultural flowering, contributing significantly to the scientific and artistic development of medieval Europe.
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Yousef Casewit is the chairman of Islamic studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School and author of the award-winning book "The Mystics of al-Andalus."
"A citizen contacted the central checkpoint (104) and informed it of stealing his Mitsubishi Lancer near Al-Andalus Square," a Rescue Police statement said.
Around the same time, a troupe of musicians called Al-Andalus Ensemble who performed Andalusi music in traditional attire, using classical Spanish instruments.
The latest installment of the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam contains articles on such matters as the golden age of Islamic architecture in C rdoba during the Umayyad amirate and caliphate between 138/756 and 400/1010, second-third/eighth-ninth-century Shi'i theological Ibn Mitham, Baghdad Aristotelian Abu 'Ali Ibn al-Samh, the historic town of Kalyana in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, and the prominent family of physicians Banu Zuhr in sixth/12th-century al-Andalus. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
She develops a view of a "symbiotic relationship" between western trans-Saharan trade and Almoravid and subsequent Almohad urbanization that contributed to economic and demographic growth in the Maghrib, and a contrast to the circumstances of al-Andalus and Ifriqiya, whose economies and populations suffered more directly from the tolls of warfare and raiding as well as the migration of the Banu Hilal and Banu Sulaym tribes.
Juan Ramon Sobero, head chef at La Liga Lounge-Sheraton Grand Doha, and Ines Elexpuru, author of 'Cooking in Al-Andalus: Culinary Magic and Seduction', led the workshop.
The cake was unveiled on Sunday at Al-Andalus Mall in Jeddah, measuring 112 square-meters with approximately 19,600 Betty Crocker mug cakes.
KUWAIT, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- Remembering the 28th anniversary of the crime of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAFR) has organized an event for planting a "Martyr's Tree" at Al-Andalus Park in Kifan Area.
Qatar National Library (QNL) will host the Gardens of Al-Andalus exhibition from 7 June to 7 September 2018 under the patronage of H.E.