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Used to express sorrow, regret, or alarm: "Whatever I long for makes me cry alack. / Whatever I wish, I quickly take it back" (Richard Wilbur).

[On the model of alas; see lack.]


(əˈlæk) or


an archaic or poetic word for alas
[C15: from a ah! + lack loss, lack]



interj. Archaic.
(used as an exclamation of sorrow, regret, or dismay.)
[1480–90; presumably ah + lack]


interj (obs)wehe; alack a daywehe dem Tag
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Professor Richards said the post code lottery existed not because of a lack of funding to buy the drugs,but because of alack of pharmacists,doctors,or facilities.
Alack of games for Sunderland is clearly not helping him.
Alack of affordable housing has been one of the main concerns of our membership and it is a problem with much more baggage than many facing rural communities, especially in Wales.
Gibbons excels through riveting writing and alack of fear which leaves him willing to tackle any subject head on and with brutal honesty.
They appreciated the team didn't fail for alack of effort and while I was gutted to let another three points slip through our grasp there's no way I could criticise the commitment levels.
There wasn't alack of effort at Southampton,but we have got to be a lot cleverer and a lot cuter when we haven't got theball.
It's too easy to criticise but I think generally there is alack of understanding of the job they have within Scottish football and they are the focus of criticism now on a weekly basis.
But, thanks to some sloppy finishing and alack of cutting edge or even belief in the last third of the pitch, Scotland could not put the opposition away and now stumble on towards Macedonia in two weeks from now when the next crack at qualification begins.
The dashboard lay -out, with minimum switches, is easy to use and -despite alack of seat height adjustment -the driving position is good.