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Used to express sorrow, regret, or alarm: "Whatever I long for makes me cry alack. / Whatever I wish, I quickly take it back" (Richard Wilbur).

[On the model of alas; see lack.]
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(əˈlæk) or


an archaic or poetic word for alas
[C15: from a ah! + lack loss, lack]
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interj. Archaic.
(used as an exclamation of sorrow, regret, or dismay.)
[1480–90; presumably ah + lack]
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interj (obs)wehe; alack a daywehe dem Tag
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"Alack! alack!" cried the cardinal, "a Venetian glass!"
But when it comes to trust in matters greater, those of State, Alas, alack, and sad to say, the joke is on you, mate.
Philip Bulcock will take on the dual roles of Captain Orton and Sir Edward Ramsay and William M Lee will play Phra Alack. The female ensemble will include Yuki Abe, Miiya Alexandra, Aiko Kato, Misa Koide, Ela Lisondra, Yuki Ozeki, Ena Yamaguchi and Sian Yeo.
Alas and alack, if that is not wild extravagance in using people's money, I do not know what is.
ALACK of successful bidders means a further six-month delay for a new dental contract following the loss of services in two Northumberland villages.
But alas and alack, that proved to be his last victory via a knockout.
The duration ofsummer correlates with more media use later in life to compensate for alack of cheerfulness and liveliness." Individuals with more -- butalso relatively hotter -- summer months directly after birth more oftenprefer entertaining genres such as comedy and drama, both on TV andonline.
Alack of ear protection while working for the MoD and installing heavy diesel engines, left Brian Stewart with hearing that was slowly growing worse.
In its 10-year existence, many residents have derided the canopy as a "white elephant" and nearby shopkeepers have complained aboutanti-social behaviourand alack of cleanlinessunder the structure.
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