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A city of northern California mainly on an island in San Francisco Bay near Oakland. It grew as a shipbuilding center and port of entry.


 (ăl′ə-mē′də, -mā′-)
n. Southwestern US
A tree-shaded promenade or public park.

[Spanish, from álamo, poplar, alamo.]
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chiefly Southwestern US a public walk or promenade lined with trees, often poplars
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(ˌæl əˈmeɪ də)

n., pl. -das.
Chiefly Southwestern U.S. a public walk shaded with trees.
[1790–1800; < Sp, derivative of álam(o) poplar]


(ˌæl əˈmi də, -ˈmeɪ-)

a city in W California. 75,080.
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Now, suppose I buy in all the street railways of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, San Leandro, and the rest,--bring them under one head with a competent management?
Therefore she could answer, he was off again, his mind's eye filled with this new city of his dream which he builded on the Alameda hills by the gateway to the Orient.
There's the Alameda & Contra Costa Land Syndicate, the Consolidated Street Railways, the Yerba Buena Ferry Company, the United Water Company, the Piedmont Realty Company, the Fairview and Portola Hotel Company, and half a dozen more that I've got to refer to a notebook to remember.
Yet, in the early morning Peter Winn learned by telephone that his sister's home in Alameda had been burned to the ground.
The pigeon drove straight on for the Alameda County shore, and it was near this shore that Winn had another experience.
I found him lying at anchor on the Alameda side of the estuary near the Webster Street bridge, with visitors aboard, whom he was entertaining with afternoon wine.
Nor could he have guessed that the particular five dollars that belonged to him had been appropriated by the business manager for the painting of his house in Alameda, which painting he performed himself, on week-day afternoons, because he could not afford to pay union wages and because the first scab he had employed had had a ladder jerked out from under him and been sent to the hospital with a broken collar-bone.
Neither the boasted alameda, nor the scenery, is at all comparable with that of Santiago; but to those who, coming from Buenos Ayres, have just crossed the unvaried Pampas, the gardens and orchards must appear delightful.
When she came to she found herself on the far end of the wall where it jutted into the bay between the Oakland and Alameda Moles.
In an effort to handle the marketing, sales, administration and infield support of the Rolls-Royce 501K industrial and marine gas turbine powerplants, Sigma Aerospace is expanding its reach and support framework to Alameda, California.
The region serving Alameda County, CA, worked with the Alameda County breast cancer early detection program to educate and provide breast cancer screening services to area women with low incomes and limited access to healthcare resources.
The vehicle will enter meter-reading service with the Alameda Bureau of Electricity.

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