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Noun1.Alarm bell - the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)alarm bell - the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)
alarum, warning signal, alarm, alert - an automatic signal (usually a sound) warning of danger
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There was little to be made out, in the mist and darkness; but the loud shouting of men vibrated through the air, and the barking of the neighbouring dogs, roused by the sound of the alarm bell, resounded in every direction.
The alarm bell was ringing all day long in the towns; men rushed together, but why they were summoned and who was summoning them no one knew.
However, the delay in the passage from the Senate rung alarm bells that next general elections might get delayed.
ALARM bells ring when the former head of the civil service quits as chair of an NHS Trust because the Conservative Party is financially strangling our most precious public service.
A DISTURBANCE at a maximum security prison should be "ringing alarm bells at the most senior level", the Prison Governors Association (PGA) has said.
This should be raising alarm bells within Police Scotland and efforts need to be made to discover why so many are leaving.
WE'RE bottom of the league and alarm bells do not appear to have been sounded within the walls of St James' Park.
And now Germany and France have sounded the alarm bells too and are having a crisis meeting over the same icebergs at the EU if the detractors have not yet got the message that this is serious we are in trouble.
RAWALPINDI -- Orders have been issued for installation of wireless chargeable alarm bells in all educational institutions, minorities places of worship and main shopping centers in Rawalpindi.
The alarm bells should, however, be ringing loud throughout the industry.
That was Thistle's fifth straight defeat and set alarm bells ringing for Archibald but they bounced back with victory at Dundee United last time out.
John's this week to discuss the future of geographic education in Canada after alarm bells went off when some Memorial University students couldn't locate the Atlantic Ocean on a map.