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A person who needlessly alarms others, as by spreading exaggerated rumors of impending danger.

a·larm′ism n.
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the attitudes and behavior of one who exaggerates dangers or always expects disaster. — alarmist, n.
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Noun1.alarmism - needless warnings
warning - a message informing of danger; "a warning that still more bombs could explode"
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Speaking at the presentation, former attorney-general and past negotiator Alecos Markides said that there was no correct information about a federation, which was a mild way of referring to the misinformation, negativity, alarmism and plain lies that opponents of a settlement have resorted to.
Second, experts are also clamoring since science is supposed to be objective and should not lean on any direction, be it complacency or alarmism.
INSTEAD of brainwashing schoolchildren with man-made global warming alarmism, would it not be a sensible idea to let the kids know the sort of life they would now be living if we had not exploited the phenomenal benefits of fossil fuels.
We are of a similar age, the climate change alarmism we remember from climate scientists 50 years ago was global cooling - the Gulf Stream was going to go off course, and we were all going to freeze to death.
"C[O.sub.2] will be good for the Earth," Happer told The New American magazine at a 2016 climate conference in Phoenix that brought together leading scientists and experts in various fields to expose the lies and alarmism (where this reporter was a speaker).
In fact, beyond the alarmism and facile bromides inflamed by Trump's announcement, what the the Golan situation actually illustrates is that the whole gamut of international "norms," when they are applied injudiciously and for political ends as so often happens with Israel, can be reduced to blunt cudgels.
This normalization of extreme language reflects decades of climate-change alarmism. The most famous clip from Al Gore's 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth showed how a 20-foot rise in sea level would flood Florida, New York, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Shanghai omitting the fact that this was seven times worse than the worst-case scenario.
For decades, there were few things with a worse reputation than "alarmism" among those studying climate change.
tax dollars--to keep out murderous migrants who are (as a whole) less violent than native-born Americans, leading to congressional negotiations that involve no actual negotiations, resulting in a government shutdown undertaken on the advice of radio personalities, defended in an Oval Office address that consisted of alarmism, prejudice, falsehood and other material caught in the P-trap of senior policy adviser Stephen Miller's mind.
"This is not alarmism. It is reality." The economy is in free-fall, he added, warning of another imminent conflict.
Taipei Mayor Ke, when asked about the controversy, urged calm and said that Taiwan should have confidence in its own soft power, and not respond with alarmism over a simple high-school exchange program.