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A person who needlessly alarms others, as by spreading exaggerated rumors of impending danger.

a·larm′ism n.


the attitudes and behavior of one who exaggerates dangers or always expects disaster. — alarmist, n.
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Noun1.alarmism - needless warnings
warning - a message informing of danger; "a warning that still more bombs could explode"
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JOHN W Gray is correct (Journal Letters, 30 Jan), global warming alarmism is a scam.
He recalls with amazement the Tunisian ambient alarmism about the double deficit, commercial and payment, "which are the subject of a general hysteria" and wonders why not speaking rather of "Tunisia's trade surplus with Europe, which is an indicator of competence and competitiveness" of the Tunisian economy, The "speech of anxiety about sovereign debt, the stranglehold of unemployment and the parallel market, that's the story I hear.
For example, the letter implies corrupt and fraudulent intent to "Al Gore and his buddies," claiming they have made millions or billions from climate alarmism.
Responding to the latest round of UN demands, James Delingpole of Breitbart, internationally known for his hilarious debunking of climate alarmism, explained the significance of the UN claims.
The first is that no less than alarmism, lukewarmism can be vulnerable to cherry-picking and selection bias, reaching for any piece of evidence - and when you're dealing with long-term trends, there's a lot of evidence to choose from - that supports its non-catastrophic assumptions, even if the bulk of the data starts to point the other way.
Compiled by Ole Humlum, professor of physical geography at the University Centre, Svalbard, Norway, this climate survey is in sharp contrast to the habitual alarmism of other reports that mainly are based on computer modeling and climate predictions.
In short, Anastasiades has to keep the settlement flag flying despite the daily outpourings of negativity and alarmism by the leaders and officials of the five small parties opposed to a deal.
But this isn't really a film about environmental alarmism or the greed of massive corporations.
These seven organizations stepped forward to nominate award recipients and organize the award ceremonies to honor professionals willing to speak out against global warming alarmism.
Western policy-makers should be careful to avoid the type of alarmism that lent unwarranted credibility in the past to the case for developing renewable sources of energy.
His colleague from Paktika province, Nadir Khan Katawazi, said: "We should exercise caution and avoid alarmism in our discussions.
The study also suggested that genes may also play a crucial role in determining health safety limits and that there is a thin line that separates the accurate information and pointless alarmism leading to inactivity and following heart disease.