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One day, as they were riding along by a brook, the princess began to feel very thirsty: and she said to her maid, 'Pray get down, and fetch me some water in my golden cup out of yonder brook, for I want to drink.' 'Nay,' said the maid, 'if you are thirsty, get off yourself, and stoop down by the water and drink; I shall not be your waiting- maid any longer.' Then she was so thirsty that she got down, and knelt over the little brook, and drank; for she was frightened, and dared not bring out her golden cup; and she wept and said, 'Alas! what will become of me?' And the lock answered her, and said:
'Alas, alas!' he sighed; 'what in the world shall I do?
'Alas, alas!' he groaned; 'now I am quite done for.'
"Alas! the queen, my sister, is no longer queen, my child.
"Alas! my nephew is not yet king, and you know Laporte has told us twenty times that he himself is in need of almost everything."
Alas! The little lives that swarmed beneath the moon, I cannot count them.
Very soon, alas! the sexes will be robbed of one of the first and most thrilling motives of romance, the motive of As You Like It, the romance of wearing each other's clothes.
But alas! my Dear Marianne such Happiness as I then enjoyed was too perfect to be lasting.
"Alas, were it only for my own sake, I should prefer to die!"
"Alas! master," said the other, with a sad smile, "I am still seeking the stone.
Then "alas" and "pass" do not rime with "case" and "apace," nor do "comfort" and "port." I point these things out, so that later on you may see for yourselves how much more polished and elegant a thing the sonnet becomes.
Alas! there are so many great thoughts that do nothing more than the bellows: they inflate, and make emptier than ever.