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n. pl. al·be·dos
1. The fraction of incident electromagnetic radiation reflected by a surface, especially of a celestial body.
2. The spongy white tissue on the inside of the rind of citrus fruit.

[Late Latin albēdō, whiteness, from Latin albus, white; see albho- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (General Physics) the ratio of the intensity of light reflected from an object, such as a planet, to that of the light it receives from the sun
2. (General Physics) physics the probability that a neutron passing through a surface will return through that surface
[C19: from Church Latin: whiteness, from Latin albus white]


(ælˈbi doʊ)

n., pl. -dos.
1. the ratio of the light reflected by a planet or satellite to that received by it.
2. the white inner rind of a citrus fruit.
[1855–60; < Late Latin albēdō whiteness =alb(us) white + -ēdō n. suffix; compare torpedo]


the ratio between the light reflected from a surf ace and the total light falling upon that surf ace, as the albedo of the moon.
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the ratio between the light reflected from a surface and the total light falling upon that surface, as the albedo of the moon.
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The proportion of incoming light that is reflected by a celestial body, e.g. the Moon reflects 7% of the sunlight that it receives.
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Noun1.albedo - the ratio of reflected to incident light
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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He also reports albedos and normalized magnitudes for the Johnson R and I system (3).
No entanto, deve-se ressaltar que a diferenca de composicao fisico-quimica dos albedos de laranja pode esta associada a variedade genetica, maturacao da fruta, regiao de plantio, epoca de colheita, fatores edafoclimaticos (solo e clima), metodo de analise entre outros.
The variations in the spectral albedos were due more to differences in ambient conditions than variations in snow properties.
All three layers will have a transmissivity and reflectivity described by the above formulae, but with surface albedo being replaced by appropriate albedos, corresponding to the layers underneath (and to which the surface albedo also contributes).
Conor's words included maidan - Indian term meaning open space and albedos - a reflective surface.
As the snow melted in the spring and more vegetation became exposed, the albedos of all the test sites dropped to their summertime values, between 11 and 19 percent.
This jibes with the albedos found for Comet 9P/Tempel 1,103P/Hartley 2, and 1P/Halley.
A] se situaram em torno de 5%, compreendendo a grande area vermelha ilustrada nas Figuras 3A a 3D, que apresentam o erro relativo entre as medias dos albedos obtidos por ambos os metodos.