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A colorless to white variety of feldspar that is classified both as plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspar, contains a high proportion of sodium to calcium and potassium and is a common constituent of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

[Latin albus, white; see albho- in Indo-European roots + -ite.]

al·bit′ic (-bĭt′ĭk), al·bit′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.


(Minerals) a colourless, milky-white, yellow, pink, green, or black mineral of the feldspar group and plagioclase series, found in igneous sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. It is used in the manufacture of glass and ceramics. Composition: sodium aluminium silicate. Formula: NaALSi3O8. Crystal structure: triclinic
[C19: from Latin albus white]
albitic adj


(ˈæl baɪt)

the sodium end member of the plagioclase feldspar group, light-colored and found in igneous rocks that contain a high percentage of sodium and potassium alkali.
[1835–45; < Latin alb(us) white + -ite1]
al•bit′ic (-ˈbɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.albite - a widely distributed feldspar that forms rocks
oligoclase, plagioclase - any of a series of triclinic feldspars that form rocks
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The second one corresponds to greenschist facies (Figure 30, represented by chlorite + muscovite + epidotesr-plagioclase (albite) + quartz + actinolite.
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In addition to the TOPAZ series, Gem Hsin is also planning a September 2011 launch of a new series, called ALBITE, to provide consumers with another innovative home-lighting product.
Associated with the loose crystals and crystal groups of axinite are lustrous, snow-white albite crystals to 1 cm.
The dominant phases in all drillcore samples P1-P6 are calcite and dolomite; quartz, feldspars (K-feldspar and in trace amounts of albite), clay minerals (illite/illite-smectite); and ettringite (Fig.
The minerals of the matrix are less than 30 microns in size and consist of a rather isotropic intergrowth of K-feldspar, albite, quartz, white mica, chlorite, epidote, allanite, calcite, with accessory stilpnomelane, biotite, pyrrhotite/pyrite, sphalerite, apatite, zircon, and ilmenite decomposed to titanite and rutile.
Formation of secondary albite after K-feldspar is manifest as either fine-grained sacchroidal albite or euhedral platy cleavelandite.
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(ii) transferring stable silicon-rich components, such as kaolinite and quartz, to easily soluble compounds, for example, albite and nephelite: in order to improve the Si[O.sub.2] extraction efficiency [24], as-treated coal gangue materials were mixed with [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] in the respect mass ratio of 0.8, 0.9,1.0,1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5, and 1.6 and calcinated at 750[degrees]C, 800[degrees]C, 850[degrees]C, and 900[degrees]C for 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 hours,