of or designating a format featuring rock songs from LPs and CDs rather than singles.
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I'm very album-oriented when it comes to my music; I believe in having a whole story to tell.
The piece examined a strain of music criticism that held up guitar-centric, album-oriented, live-performance-friendly rock & roll (usually played by white men) as the idealized form.
Led Zeppelin pioneered stadium rock, helped guide listeners away from Top 40 pop to album-oriented rock, presaged metal mania and epitomized bloated superstar excess.
A Bright Eyes mix-and-match performance is as much fun to behold as one of the band's conceptual, album-oriented concerts.
Emmis Communications' K-HITS has converted its '60s and '70s classic hits sound to a more album-oriented classic rock format, with such '80s stalwarts as John Mellencamp and Don Henley part of the mix.
During a period running from about 1950 to 1965, McLendon and his associates worked out the principles for successfully commercializing many of the programming practices for the various radio formats we live with today, including sports, Top 40, all-news, beautiful music or easy listening, and album-oriented rock.
1, which bills itself as a "classic rock" station featuring album-oriented music, rose from 9.
progressive," album-oriented," and to some extent, anything that is thoughtful in pop music.