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Any of a class of water-soluble proteins that are found in egg white, blood serum, milk, and many other animal and plant tissues. Also called albumen.

al·bu′mi·nous adj.


(Biochemistry) of or containing albumin


(ælˈbyu mə nəs)

also al•bu•mi•nose


of, containing, or resembling albumen or albumin.
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Adj.1.albuminous - relating to or containing or resembling albuminalbuminous - relating to or containing or resembling albumin


[ælˈbjuːmɪnəs] ADJalbuminoso


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Then turning round its body, by the aid of its posterior and narrow pair of pincers, it extracts the white albuminous substance.
Shortly after 96 [+ or -] 1.15 h, they were observed to be rotating vigorously, colliding and deforming the membrane covering the albuminous liquid and then hatching from the capsule through a pore at the capsule's base (Fig.
During the maturing of meat, changes of structural-mechanical indicators occurred mainly as a result of biochemical transformations in the albuminous system (Rogov et al., 2013).
On opening, albuminous egg white membrane like structure came out.
laticuspis share the following characteristics with the Grossulariaceae and Saxifragaceae families: small size; fleshy tissues that cover the seed coat as an aril or sarcotesta of gelatinous pulp; albuminous nature with a small or tiny embryo; and endosperm containing oily food reserves (Corner, 1976).
There's often a frequent urge to urinate that produces very little urine, and the urine that is produced may be scanty, burning and albuminous. White cells, red cells, and epithelial cells may be present in the urine.
The alveoli were full of a homogeneous, coagulated, albuminous exudate, often containing red blood corpuscles, and in the more affected parts leucocytes and endothelial cells.
Study of rumen metabolism peculiarities in bull-calves showed that in rumen chyme of bull-calves in the third experimental group, total nitrogen increased by 23.7, and the level of albuminous nitrogen in the rumen content increased by 39.9%, as compared to reference analogues.
Histological structure of tubules is preserved; local albuminous and hydropic degeneration is being formed in the epithelium of tubules.
These signs significantly increased during the 3d day and they were characterized both by the occurrence of osteoblasts and perivascular spaces near capillaries and the occurrence of ultrastructural signs of albuminous and synthetic processes revealed through the increase of endoplasmic net.