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 (ăl-byo͞o′mə-no͝or′ē-ə, -nyo͝or-)
The presence of albumin in the urine, sometimes indicating kidney disease.

al·bu′mi·nu′ric (-no͝or′ĭk, -nyo͝or′-) adj.
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related to the state of albuminuria
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Adj.1.albuminuric - of or related to the state of albuminuriaalbuminuric - of or related to the state of albuminuria
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Studies from Korea, Japan, and other countries found that ApoE [epsilon]2 allele frequency was higher in the macroalbuminuric group than in normoalbuminuric group, which may be associated to clinic albuminuric development in T2DM patients [14, 18].
Group I consisted of normal healthy individuals, group II comprised normoalbuminuric type II diabetics, group III had microalbuminuric type II diabetics, and group IV consisted of overt albuminuric type II diabetic subjects.
Course of glomerular filtration rate in albuminuric type-2 diabetic patients with or without diabetic glomerulopathy.
Isolation and partial characterization of immunochemically nonreactive albumin may therefore be important for early detection of the kidney disease associated with diabetes and possibly of other albuminuric conditions, such as those associated with hypertension and cardiovascular disease (15, 16).
Among the albuminuric patients, there were no differences in BMI, waist circumference, DBP, heart rate, HbA1c, LDL cholesterol, triglyceride, and ABI levels according to eGFR between the two groups.