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A practitioner of alchemy.

al′che·mis′tic, al′che·mis′ti·cal adj.


relating to alchemists
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Adj.1.alchemistical - of or relating to alchemistsalchemistical - of or relating to alchemists  
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Our world is the most alchemistical of all possible worlds, with spells which carry our visions from one stretch of the imagination to the other.
Many types of laboratory apparatus were developed by him and, in short, he transformed the alchemistical cellar into a modem laboratory.
Most often we think of transmutation in terms of the old alchemistical canard of turning base metals in to gold, but it goes far beyond that into the social and economic structure of a culture--such as when a new or improved art form or technology gives a jump start to or revitalizes the culture, which in a broad sense can be termed a renaissance.