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The poets and writers of the movement had been active, publishing their essays and poems in an array of magazines and anthologies such as "Toothpick, Lisbon & the Orcas Islands (1973); Alcheringa (1975); Open Letter (1977); Hills (1980); Ironwood (1982); Paris Review (1982); The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Book (1984); Change (1985); Writing/Talks (1985); boundary 2 (1986); and in the American Tree (1986)" (Hartley, "Textual Politics").
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In 2008, Rosi co-curated with Michael Mel Hailans to Ailans, an innovative touring exhibition that morphed into different forms at each venue: Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London, Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria, Canada, and the De Young Museum in San Francisco, US.
E sem duvida os homens aranda lhes responderam com uma frase do tipo: "esse negocio agora era a mesma coisa no Alcheringa, nao se pode faltar com esse negocio, nao se pode fazer errado, la parure da cabeca fica bem ligada a cabeca" ("dat business now, im been same longa Alcheringa, im same, cant missim step datun, cant mistake, im properly stuck longa head", cujo texto se tornaria "a complacencia sexual, que era uma pratica do Alchenringa, impede que o que quer que seja va mal durante o ritual; por exemplo, torna-se impossivel que os ornamentos de cabeca se soltem e desarranjem durante a cerimonia").
The donor Neil Cole had been acquiring works from Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria for a few years, and when he sought owner, Elaine Monds' advice about bequeathing these outstanding works to a suitable institution, she recommended MOA.
In 1992, his work was discovered and collected by Hilda Tutton and Elaine Monds, Director of the Alcheringa Gallery (665 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada), who visited Northern New Ireland and the Tabar Islands.
Anthropologist WEH Stanner opened his seminal 1953 essay 'The Dreaming' (1) by emphasising the central role of this concept in Indigenous Australia: 'The Australian Aborigines' outlook on the universe and man is shaped by a remarkable conception, which Spencer and Gillen immortalised as "the dream time" or alcheringa of the Arunta or Aranda tribe' (Stanner 2003:57).