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[New Latin Alcidae, from Alca, type genus, coined by Carolus Linnaeus from Swedish alka, auk, ultimately from Old Norse ālka, alka.]


(Animals) any of twenty-two species of oceanic birds of the family Alcidae
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In the documents, utility workers Allan Alcid of the office of the secretary, Lia Insigne of the general services department of the records section and clerk Butch Berrei of the Office of the Secretary, travel ed to Dubai.
Speedier Internet Deal -- Mayor Hermenegildo 'Dong' Gualberto of San Fernando City sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) representatives Marieta Alcid, team leader of SECURE GovNet project; and Engr.
The district collectors were Elvira Cruz of Port of Cebu, Romeo Rosales of Port of San Fernando, Julius Premediles of Port of Limay, Jose Naig of Port of Iloilo, Carmelita Talusan of Port of Subic, Divina Garrido of Port of Legazpi, Halleck Valdez of Port of Zamboanga and Tomas Alcid of Port of Appari.
Provincial Board Secretary and Quality Management Representative Michelle Alcid congratulated all the department heads and employees of the ISO certified offices and expressed gratitude for the willingness and commitment of provincial employees in improving the quality management system making Cavite a First Class, World Class province.
Key words: alcid, British Columbia, Cassin's Auklet, female, lighthouse strikes, mortality, Pine Island, Ptychoramphus aleuticus
2) La propuesta fue de Guillermo Plazas Alcid (Gaceta Constitucional No.
A specific example of guided imagery is presented by Alcid M.
Sara Alcid is the Programs and Policy Associate at the Reproductive Health Technologies Project.
Alcid, "Overseas Filipino Workers: Sacrificial Lambs at the Altar of Deregulation," in International Migration and Sending Countries: Perceptions, Policies and Transnational Relations, ed.
They were tough,'' said Alcid Ruiz, 11, a sixth-grader at Sun Valley Middle School who attended Angel Gate in January.
See Mary Lou Alcid, "Legal and Organizational Support Mechanisms for Foreign Domestic Workers," in The Trade in Domestic Workers, ed.