alcohol addiction

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Noun1.alcohol addiction - habitual intoxicationalcohol addiction - habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol such that abrupt deprivation leads to severe withdrawal symptoms
drug addiction, white plague - an addiction to a drug (especially a narcotic drug)
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Clients at Palm Partners, a Florida-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, praise the drug and alcohol treatment programs the center offers helping addicts on the road to recovery and reclaiming their lives.
Muscat: A national-level survey is planned to determine the 'true' magnitude of alcohol addiction in Oman, a senior Omani official has said.
A WELSH Governmentfunded centre is helping support people with drug and alcohol addiction in Wrexham.
THE death of Charles Kennedy should remove some of the stigma around alcohol addiction, according to a charity.
FORMER team-mates of Newcastle United legend Paul Gascoigne have offered their support as it is claimed he is desperate to check into a private clinic to beat his alcohol addiction.
There are many reasons why drugs should never be legalised as alcohol addiction is with us legally and we see on a daily basis what damage alcohol does to families.
Both mental health issues and drug and alcohol addiction as it relates to food addiction are examined.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): Amber Valletta has revealed her drug and alcohol addiction saying that she suffered from a disease called addiction and she had it for as long as she could remember.
He may now be receiving treatment for alcohol addiction, but it was not the only cause of his bizaare behaviour at all.
PEOPLE with conditions such as alcohol addiction may be able to retrain their brains to help treat their conditions, according to scientists at Cardiff University.
PEOPLE with alcohol addiction, eating disorders or posttraumatic stress may be able to help treat their condition by retraining the way their brains work, according to researchers at Cardiff University.
8m in ADial, and Cato Research, an affiliate of Cato BioVentures, will work as the preferred contract research organization for ADial's clinical trials of AD04, ADial's drug for the treatment of alcohol addiction in patients with selected genotypes.

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