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 (ăl′kə-hô′lĭk, -hŏl′ĭk)
1. Related to or resulting from alcohol.
2. Containing or preserved in alcohol.
3. Having alcoholism.
A person who has alcoholism.

al·co·hol′i·cal·ly adv.


in an alcoholic manner
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Shortly thereafter, he then launches upon an extraordinary declamation in which he likens Bardolph's alcoholically reddened nose to a "memento mori" which will serve to remind Falstaff of Hell in salutary fashion, specifically the damned Dives in Christ's parable from the Gospel of Luke (3.
I'd like to say that I drank alcoholically from the moment I picked up a drink.
As the words pass round the table, it becomes harder and harder to remember the sequence, and those who fail (and may have an alcoholically induced reason for failing) are obliged to perform a forfeit.
She said: "I never drank alcoholically because of my mother's alcohol problem, but I took drugs instead.
I once saw a friend of mine being sick after a drinking session in Acton, which makes me alcoholically superior to him, regardless of the fact that he went on to become executive director of a FTSE 100 company, which means I actually earn pounds 2 million a year, rather than the pittance that appears every month in my bank account.