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 (ăl′kə-hô-lŏm′ĭ-tər) also al·co·hol·me·ter (ăl′kə-hôl-mē′tər, -hŏl-)
An instrument, such as a hydrometer, used to determine the amount of alcohol in a liquid.

al′co·hol·om′e·try n.
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(Brewing) an instrument, such as a specially calibrated hydrometer, for determining the percentage of alcohol in a liquid. See also oenometer
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In the first distillation, he determines what is used for hearts and what is considered tails by temperature, an alcoholmeter and taste.
An alcoholmeter (Alcoquant[R] 6020, Envitec, Germany) was employed to measure the concentration of alcohol in the air exhaled by the social consumers of alcohol before and after intake of a drink.
Sources added traffic inspector Kaushik was not carrying the challan book or the alcoholmeter.
The alcohol percentage of the fermentative solution is measured using an alcoholmeter which uses distillation method.
RAMALLAH, May 23, 2010 (WAFA)- EUPOL COPPS officials are delivering a 2 days training programme on the use of Breathlyzers (alcoholmeter device) and on Vehicle Stop to 30 Palestinian Traffic Police Officers from all district offices in the West Bank on May 23 and 24.