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 (sŏl-vŏl′ĭ-sĭs, sôl-)
A chemical reaction in which the solute and solvent react to form a new compound.

sol′vo·lyt′ic (-və-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Chemistry) a chemical reaction occurring between a dissolved substance and its solvent. See also hydrolysis
[from solv(ent) + -lysis]
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Biodiesel originates from various natural fats or oils, and is an outcome of the alcoholysis of triglycerides.
PVA (PVA 1799, molecular weight 146,000-186,000, alcoholysis degree 98-99%) was obtained from Shanghai Chenqi Chemical Technology Company (China), and was used as received.
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On the other hand, maximum yield of 94% of biodiesel can be achieved from alcoholysis of Jatropha oil in t-butanol using immobilized Enterobacter aerogenes lipase at an oil: MeOH molar ratio of 1:4, 50 U of biocatalyst/g of oil, and a t-butanol: oil volume ratio of 0.8:1 at 55[degrees]C after 48 h of reaction time [47].
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The alcoholysis of glycosyl donors, 4,6-dibenzyloxy-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl (DBT) glycosides 9, under hydrogenolytic conditions gave the corresponding aglycosides 10 in good yields without adding any acid promoters.
The enzyme performs number activities such as esterification, transesterification, interesterification, acidolysis, aminolisys, alcoholysis, acylation and racemic resolution (Houde et al, 2004; Salihu and Alam, 2014; Sharma et al., 2001).
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Transesterification (alcoholysis) is the chemical reaction between triglycerides and alcohol in the presence of catalyst to produce mono-esters.
hydrolysis or alcoholysis in the presence of an acid catalyst, is a popular method for introduction of hydroxyl groups to vegetable oil.