aldehyde group

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Noun1.aldehyde group - the chemical group -CHO
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
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In H-NMR spectra of polythioamides, the ratios of the peaks area agree with the suggested assignment and no peak attributed to aldehyde group is observed (Fig: 4).
In addition, ALDH2 could catalyze the aldehyde group at the end of 4-HNE to finally metabolize into inactive 1,4-di-hydroxyl-2-nonylene,[sup][22] thus exert protective effects for cells and tissues, reduce the risk of developing AS, and delay the progression of AS.
Plastics generate Volatile Organic Compounds, mostly of the Aldehyde group which is a proven carcinogen ( cancer causing agent).
Cortisol in aqueous solution is degraded into steroid-glyoxal, with an aldehyde group in the C21 position, and is able to bind covalently with guanidine groups of the protein, thus establishing a potentially immunogenic steroid-protein compound.
In this article, we present the synthesis of crosslinked polysulfone with double bonds by PTC method in solid-liquid system using polysulfone grafted with phosphonate and polysulfone grafted with aldehyde group previously synthesized (30).
the aldehyde group of glucose it enters into a secret pact.
1] peak are assigned to the stretching vibration modes of the C=O and C-H bonds in the aldehyde group, respectively, suggesting the existence of aldehyde groups in resin structure.
The aldehyde group of the glucose first forms a Schiff base with the NH2-terminal amino group, which then rearranges to a more stable amino ketone linkage by a spontaneous (nonenzymatic) reaction known as the Amadori rearrangement.
The degree of unsaturation and the position of the double bond relative to the aldehyde group are optimal for irritant potential (Alarie et al.
The tip of the pentagon is occupied by an aldehyde group (a carbon atom bound to one hydrogen atom and--through a double bond--an oxygen atom), which acts as an asymmetric rotor blade.

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